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Eric From Virginia | Customer Testimonial

How to Share With Just FriendsHow to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

Find out about our homeowner’s experience using our Drainage Matting in his crawl space, and how he feels about our customer service.

Thank you Eric for choosing us for your home project! Our customer experience has always been our top priority.

Looking for items for your next DIY project? My DIY Center has everything you need! Professional-grade products delivered right to your door (with FREE shipping), so no more trips back and forth to the big box stores along with long lines. Need support? Well, we have you covered there also with step-by-step guides and professional customer support available to you. Order online at or call us at (888) 714-1719 today!

RK | Customer Testimonial

Crawl Space DIY and the Aprilaire E100 are excellent! First, Crawl Space DIY offered excellent customer service after I asked a question about ship time, personally calling me to provide the needed information.

The unit itself had straightforward installation instructions. I would suggest you use the Crawl Space DIY website to download the PDF of the installation instructions to review even before your unit arrives.

It was pretty simple to install…the more difficult task is unrelated to the unit (routing the necessary vents).

The unit is MUCH quieter than a stand alone dehumidifier once attached to the ductwork. It’s a very reasonable hum noise level.

I’m quite pleased with my purchase.

Remember to register your product with AprilAire after install to start your warranty!

Paolo |Customer Testimonial

They have really high-quality materials.

Transition was easy and shipping fast.

I recommend the company and their product.

Mack | Customer Testimonial

First and foremost, the customer service from Crawl Space DIY was exemplary! We recently purchased and installed the Freeze Relief sump pump discharge anti freeze device and it is working perfectly with the bitterly cold windchills (-30) we’ve been having in Chicago this week. Been concerned as some neigbors had their lines freeze up and pumps burn out.

Installation was easy, as well. Great people and product!

Faye Jamie | Customer Testimonial

It’s hard to give a review on just one product from Crawlpace DIY because as a whole everything I received was great. Great advice when I called. Great products and great return service. Do it yourself!! And the drainage mat was easy to work with and was in manageable rolls to handle. Thanks!

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