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Aprilaire 1870 Dehumidifier | 130 Pints Per Day Dehumidifier


The long-life, high capacity Aprilaire 1870 Dehumidifier is perfect for your large space. It manages Relative Humidity and air quality in areas up to 7,200 sqft.  Energy Star rated means it is as efficient as it is effective.

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Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier?

Do you breathe clean, fresh air? Dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels and the number of allergens, mites, and mold in the air. However, not all dehumidifiers are made the same. When looking for the best device, you need one which operates quiet, provides the best results and uses less amount of energy. Luckily, the Aprilaire 1800 series offers an impressive list of features and benefits right out of the box. As an Energy Star rated 130 pints per day dehumidifier, the Aprilaire 1870 series is perfect for 7200 sqft spaces. Along with optional hanging systems and ductwork, you can pull and push air as needed, including from outside.

Aprilaire 1870 Dehumidifier Product Features:

  • Low 8.3 Amp power draw
  • Quiet design
  • Removes up to 130 pints of water per day
  • Manages up to 7,200 sqft
  • Built-in electronic controls are easy to use
  • End or top air discharge
  • 10" round duct collars included (backdraft damper included in outlet duct collar)
  • Adapters for threaded connection or plastic hose included
  • Includes 1/2" washable, MERV 8 filter
For more than 60 years, Aprilaire remains the trusted name in indoor environmental. Aprilaire understands the importance of precise humidity, ventilation, and temperature control. Our dehumidifier is an excellent product for keeping your home comfortable and safe for you and your family.

The Perfect Dehumidifier For Optimum Harvests

Furthermore, with industrial-grade capacities and design, Aprilaire solutions are tailored to the specific, tightly-monitored applications required by indoor cultivators for optimum harvests. 97% of all the water added to plants is returned to the air through transpiration. Nearly every gallon of water added to your plants needs to be removed from the air to maintain RH levels that will prevent plant mold and diseases. Your grow room will benefit from our dehumidifier, removing excess moisture. Pro Tip: Buying a cheap dehumidifier from a big box retailer often results in catastrophic failure of the unit or moldy crops due to inflated claims by other manufacturers. Investing in quality now yields higher returns in the future.

Aprilaire 1870 Dehumidifier Dimensions: (with duct collars removed)

  • Width: 19.5 inches
  • Height: 19.5 inches (with casters)
  • Length: 30.25 inches
  • Weight: 113 lbs
Are you looking for the best dehumidifier? Then place an order for the Aprilaire 1870 today!



Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 25 in

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