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Crack Injection Kit | DIY Crack Repair | My DIY Center | Free Shipping


Leaky wall crack? You Can Fix It! Hairline and small cracks in a poured cement foundation are common, but sometimes they leak water, which is a problem. Using our Crawl Space DIY Crack Injection Kit you can repair it in just a few hours. All you need is a regular caulking gun and a paper plate; everything else is in the Crawl Space DIY Crack Injection Kit. This low skill DIY project will stop the leak permanently by sealing the wall crack all the way through the wall.

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Use what the Pro’s use! The Crawl Space DIY Crack Injection Kit is the same product used by basement repair Contractors from coast-to-coast. Grab your caulk gun and a paper plate, everything else you need is in the kit - even the drop cloth – and let’s get that leaking wall repaired! This two-stage system is the latest method to ensures a long lasting watertight seal. Stage One: Epoxy Using the Epoxy, you will glue the injection ports along the crack (no drilling) and then create a skin over the entire crack to keep the sealant from leaking out while it sets-up. If the crack is visible outside the house above grade (without digging) the part of the crack will need epoxy sealed also. Stage Two: Urethane Using the supplied tubes and squirt bottle, you will first inject the crack with tap water. This primes the crack. Then you will patiently inject the liquid Urethane into the crack using your caulking gun, filling it from the inside out, bottom to top. The Urethane tube is actually two tubes in one. The parts will mix before they go into the wall and begin to react. The Urethane turns into waterproof expanding foam and fills the crack completely with a waterproof, flexible seal. There is a little bit of prep, and some clean up, but that is pretty much it. Full written instructions and DVD are included. Why Urethane? For decades contractors used Structural Epoxy (used for structural repairs) in hairline and small cracks to seal out water. But the ever-changing pressures on the wall throughout the wet and dry seasons can crack the rigid epoxy ending its water tight seal. Urethane stays flexible with far less failure over time. Note: This product is for common hairline cracks that leak water -- less than ¼” wide with little or no offset -- not for structural wall repair. It is effective on both smooth and textured cement walls. This is not for use on CMU (block) walls.


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10 ft Kit, 30 ft Kit (Includes Free Tool Box)

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