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Hydraway 2000 6” X 150’ roll | Exterior Drainage System | Free Shipping
Hydraway 2000 6” X 150’ roll | Exterior Drainage System | Free Shipping
Hydraway 2000 6” X 150’ roll | Exterior Drainage System | Free Shipping
Hydraway 2000 6” X 150’ roll | Exterior Drainage System | Free Shipping

Hydraway 2000 6” X 150’ roll | Exterior Drainage System


The Hydraway 2000 Drainage System is an exterior system for directing water away from your home. Our waterproofing system will keep your crawl space and basement dry.

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Is it better to waterproof a basement from inside or outside?

Firstly, interior waterproofing is the management of water in your home. Once water enters your home, an internal water system helps redirect the water out. A sump pump is an excellent example of an interior waterproofing system.

An exterior waterproofing system keeps water out. Typically, an external waterproofing system requires excavating and exposing the foundation wall for installation. Because exterior systems enforce your foundation wall, exterior systems can provide more value in the long-run.

What Is The Best Exterior Waterproofing System?

The Hydraway Waterproofing Systems use innovative technology to keep basements and crawl spaces dry. This technology works on exterior retaining walls. Furthermore, the Hydraway allows for high flow capacity to ensure any residential, commercial, or industrial property is well-protected.

What Are The Benefits of The Hydraway 2000 Exterior Drainage System?

  • Our product removes up to 70% more water than pipe and gravel methods.
  • Hydraway 2000 is compactly designed and requires minimal excavati¬on.
  • Furthermore, Hydraway constructed their 2000 with polyethylene for superior flexibility. Additionally, this material provides high compressive strength.
  • We offer fittings for connecting the PVC pipe.
  • Hydraway has 11,400lbs/ft2 of compression strength. This strength means no buckling or distorting under immense water pressure.
  • Lastly, there is fusion-welded geo-textile for long-life filtration.

Learn More About the Hydraway 2000 Drainage System

Your property needs effective waterproofing. With an efficient and impressive waterproofing system in place, you’ll keep property safe while increasing its value.

Furthermore, our product is the ideal low-labor way to remove water. With a compact design, Hydraway is easy-to-install. Plus, the compact design allows our product to remove 70% more water than traditional pipe and gravel drain methods.

Crawl space drainage does not have to be difficult for contractors or DIYers. Why? Because Hydraway requires little to no gravel to install. Additionally, you can add multiple runs side-by-side to help increase drainage capacity.

Lastly, Hydraway requires no fittings and can be easily connected to the sump by creating a slot through the side of the basin.

Order The Hydraway 2000 Drainage System Today!

Keep the exterior and interior of your home beautiful, dry, and clean. Order the Hydraway 2000 Drainage System and enjoy the easy install.

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Hydraway 2000:

  • HDW2000 - Hydraway beside the footing drain - 6” X 150’ roll

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