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My Diy Center | Waterproof Coating With Mold Inhibitor

MoxyEpoxy+ Epoxy Coating | 10-gallon kit covers 1,000-1,500 sqft.


MoxyEpoxy+ coating holds back wetness, improves appearance, and resists mold.  MoxyEpoxy+ is an excellent coating for block walls where more specialized treatment is necessary!



What is an epoxy coating?

An epoxy coating comes in two parts, which you mix. This mixture creates the epoxy, and you can apply this material to the wall with a standard paint roller and brush. The epoxy coating cures to a harder finish than paint and sticks to the wall better. Additionally, the MoxyEpoxy+ will not support microbial growth.

Unfortunately, most hardware waterproofing paints will fail to provide the quality results you need. Waterproofing paints lose their grip at 12-15 psi of water/vapor pressure, whereas our product holds beyond 40 psi. Additionally, waterproofing paint does not contain powerful antimicrobial ingredients that can fight dangerous molds and mildews.

Lastly, epoxy coating breathes, allowing vapor to pass through. This process reduces pressure and allows walls to dry. Furthermore, our product holds back larger water molecules while preventing damage and air bubbles. With fewer air bubbles, your work won't look shoddy, and your walls will be well-protected.

What surfaces can you epoxy?

Our product can be used on block, brick, stucco, concrete, masonry, and mortar. You can use it in your interior or exterior, whether below grade or above. Our product is easy to use for professionals and DIY homeowners.

The versatility of the MoxyEpoxy+ epoxy means you'll have protection and quality wherever you need it. Our epoxy coating controls wetness, improves appearance, and resists mold. No waterproofing painting or competitor can promise you the same.

MoxyEpoxy+ Coating is an excellent coating where more specialized treatment is necessary!

  • 100-150 sqft per gallon.
  • 10-gallon kit covers 1,000-1,500 sqft.
  • Gray or white


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Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 in
Color of Coating

Gray, White*

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