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Radiant Shield® Pro Plus Insulated Radiant and Vapor Barrier | 90-Mil | R-1 R-6


Roofs, attics, walls, floors, radiant floors, crawl space encapsulation, garages, anywhere you plan to install a vapor ask yourself, would this project also benefit from a layer of radiant heat barrier and an additional R-1 on insulation? If so, you will like working with Radiant Shield®.  Plus, some applications boost its thermal insulation to R-6.


Do radiant barriers work?

Vapor and radiant barriers protect against water vapers. Furthermore, radiant barriers greatly reduce radiant heat gain, which lowers cooling costs. Lastly, heat barriers reflect heat, rather than absorb it by using a highly reflective material. This reflection process protects heated material while redirecting heat and evening distribution in your attic, basement, or crawl space. When you need the best water vapor and heat protection, then you need Radiant Shield®! Whether you need a layer vapor barrier or thermal insulation, our product will cut the material and installation costs of your next project.

About The Radiant Shield® Pro Plus Insulated Radiant and Vapor Barrier

The R-value measures how well a layer of insulation will resist the conductive flow of heat. The Radiant Shield® Pro Plus Insulated Radiant Barrier has a base R-1 thermal insulation value when installing flush similar to a cement floor or CMU walls. Additionally, when installed with an air gap behind it, the thermal insulation value goes to R-6. The Radiant Shield® Pro is made with three, protective layers. The first layer is a low emissive reflective foil. The second layer is a core of flexible, high-density closed-cell foam. The third and outer layer is white cross-woven Polyethylene. Furthermore, you can easily apply our product anyway. Because of the innovative technology,  the Radiant Shield® Pro works on post-frame construction sites, roofs, crawl spaces, basements, and floors.

How Do You Install A Radiant Heat Barrier?

You can install a barrier into a new home or an existing home. Our heat barrier works anywhere, especially in an open attic. Your installation needs will depend on your home environment, the weather, and the area you plan to install the barrier. Therefore, consult the manual to learn which layer will work best for your needs. Lastly, our product comes with a peel and stick adhesive tab for seaming. Order your Radiant Shield® Pro Plus Insulated Radiant and Vapor Barrier today for added heat protection!


Radiant Shield

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6’ x 125’ (750 SQ FT), 4’ x 125’ (500 SQ FT)

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