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Santa Fe Compact70 Supply Duct Kit | Home Dehumidifier


The Santa Fe Compact70 Supply Duct allows for the collection and targeted distribution of crawl space or basement air. Our supply duct will improve the effectiveness of your Compact70.


Breathe Easy With The Santa Fe Compact70  Supply Duct

Your Santa Fe Dehumidifier is the top of the level device. It can clear out your home of musty, moldy and stale air while ensuring moisture remains low. Additionally, your Santa Fe dehumidifier is quiet, energy-efficient, and easy-to-manage. With the supply duct, you can keep your dehumidifier running for even longer. Our supply duct, combined with the return duct and flex duct, allows you to run ductwork to the far ends of a crawl space to force air circulation.

Why Should You Buy Our Santa Fe Compact70  Supply Duct?

  • Compatible with multiple models - Our supply duct is compatible with the Advance90, Advance100, Advance120, Classic, Compact70, and Impact155 models. No matter what you’re working with, our supply duct is perfect for you.
  • Efficiently run ductwork to your desired location - Do you have a finished basement where you don’t want to see our dehumidifier? Then place our device in a utility room or unfinished space. From there, run our product to the room you want the air to circulate, and you’re good to go!
  • Effectively hide your dehumidifier - If you have an irregularly shaped crawl space or basement, you can place our dehumidifier in an easy-to-reach location. Then, run the duct through your home to keep air circulating.
  • Move air from one room to another - The Santa Fe supply duct excels at reducing noise and vibrations from our dehumidifier. Furthermore, our supply duct, combined with our return duct and flex tube, lets you remove air from one place and have it to blow the air into another room.
  • Includes everything you need - Our duct includes fasteners and 8" supply collar w/ assembly.

Our Supply Duct is Compatible With The Following Brands:

  • Advance90
  • Advance100
  • Advance120
  • Classic
  • Compact70
  • Impact155

Santa Fe Compact70 Optional Duct Kit - Return Only Information


Santa Fe

Additional information

Weight 1.0625 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 11 in

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